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We are a medically-based pitching program which operates out of Professional Therapy Solutions in Madison, Mississippi. We specialize in rehabilitation from arm pain, injury, and surgery.


 Our evaluation process will give you insight into injury/pain prevention, velocity gain, and strength development by learning exactly what makes you unique and where you have the greatest areas for improvement.


We have a proven and highly researched process for training pitchers that brings durability and velocity improvement through intense focus on mechanical efficiency and strength.



Thomas, P.t.

Dr. Bill Thomas, PFT .png

"My work with pitchers began as a father of two boys looking to throw the ball hard and reach their potential. Through the years, I saw teammates, opponents, and friends experience arm pain that led to significant injuries. Very quickly my eyes were opened to an epidemic that was becoming frighteningly normal in the game of baseball.

I began treating pitchers in my clinic at an alarming rate and the Power Pitching Program was born. Through research and my own further education, I began to believe that the future of pitching lies in the medical knowledge of the arm, which then leads to minimizing injury and increasing velocity.

In the last five years I have seen over 200 pitchers from around the country and the results are overwhelming. Welcome to Power Pitching."


The Power Pitching Process

We are a medically-based throwing program which exists to give you the tools to eliminate arm pain and keep you in the game you love. Whether you are currently experiencing pain or not, the same process to eliminate pain is proven to increase velocity, increase control, and create consistency that will allow you to throw harder, pitch longer, and fulfill your potential. 

(1) Physical Analysis: Every pitcher is unique, from body frame, to training background, genetic make-up, and history of injury. We take you through a 30-point head-to-toe analysis to identify the factors that may contribute to pain/injury and lost velocity.

(2) Mechanical Assessment: We take a slow-motion video of your throwing mechanics in our clinic and walk you through the connection between your unique physical traits and the known contributors to arm pain. 

Once the evaluation is completed, each pitcher then sits down with our team and makes a plan to act upon the areas for improvement that are spotted during the evaluation process.

(1) For our long-distance pitchers or those that cannot come to the class we will offer an online training program using the teambuilder app. You will receive a scheduled program daily with consultation twice per month for assessment of your progress

(2) Those who are local will also be sent home with a plan, but also given the opportunity to work with our team in either our Power Pitching Training which runs on month long cycles 4-days a week, or groups of 2-4 



"The PTS Power Pitching program targeted certain weaknesses of our pitchers and designed drills to turn these weaknesses into strengths. The velocity gains evident throughout our season helped lead us to the State Championship Series."

Mark Fanning

Head Coach, St. Andrews Episcopal School

"Having labrum surgery in early September made me doubtful about the season ahead...[but] with a full recovery in under 5 months, I can say without a doubt that Bill's program gave me the chance to gain velocity and confidence, ultimately leading to my ability to play at the next level." 

Pitcher, Mississippi College

Stephen Atkins

"After two years of shoulder injuries, the decision to join the Power Pitching program was the best thing we could have done for Ty. He has increased his throwing velocity consistently by 7 mph, but the growth in his confidence and physical stamina, in addition to the fact that he is throwing pain-free for the first time in 2 years, have been even greater gains to our family. To see his love for pitching re-emerge after those tough seasons have made the weekly (3-hour round trip) drives to Madison well worth it." 

Stacey Smith

Mother of Ty, 13

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