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Stay in the Game.

Remote medically based pitching program for those who want to increase pitch speed, prevent injury, and sharpen accuracy

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✓ Eliminate Arm Pain

✓ Increase Velocity

✓ Improve Command

Don’t get taken out by injury, pain, or decreased velocity.

  • Are you experiencing an increase joint or ligament pain?

  • Is your velocity decreasing?

  • Are you losing command of your placement?

  • Are you staying in the game?

Make the best of your time on the mound!


Expert Evaluation

Every pitcher is unique, from body frame, to training background, genetic makeup, and history of injury. We take you through a 30-point head-to-toe analysis to identify the factors that may contribute to pain/injury and lost velocity

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Medically- Based Programing

Receive 100% individualized strength and throwing program.  Online consultations with PTS twice per month to make adjustments to ensure progression towards arm health and velocity goals


Measurable Results

State of the Art Tech: Pitch Screen/AI motion capture | Proteus Evaluation | Full Biomechanical assessment will be used to show improved throwing mechanics, velocity, and control in comparison to initial evaluation.

You love the game.

Throughout the years, I saw teammates, opponents, and friends experience arm pain that led to significant injuries. Very quickly my eyes were opened to an epidemic that was becoming frighteningly normal in the game of baseball.


In the last five years, I have worked with over 2000 pitchers. 

The future of pitching lies in the medical knowledge of the arm, which then leads to minimizing injury and increasing velocity.

- Bill Thomas, P.T. 

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Brooks Rice

LSU Commit

“I wanted to get more training for baseball. I didn’t know how to increase my velocity and strength on my own. This program without a doubt has improved my playing. I noticed more strength in my core and arm because of the specific exercises our class was being taught”

Nikko Mazza

 Southern Miss Commit

“I started the power pitching program to increase my velocity. I started the program when I was 15 years old and my velocity was around 79mph. During the program, I was able to get stronger and play and injury free game. I knew PTS had the knowledge to help me perform better.”

Brayden Jones

Ole Miss Commit

“I started the program for arm care and it has taught me how to take care of my arm and also taught me how my arm works. I would recommend this program to everyone because I know I can trust Bill with anything”.

How it works


1 / Schedule Initial Evaluation

Player must have a pitch screen/ai motion capture first before joining online training. Cost $175. Call 601 -898-1828 or email (


2 / Sign Up For Online Program

Sign up through Team Viewer App. This is where payment and the programming will reside. $150 per month for 6 month commitment


3 /  Start Remote Training

Follow the Schedule of training in the teamviewer app and schedule 30 day assessment from start date in order to measure progress.

At PTS Power Pitching

We know that you want to stay in the game. In order to do that you need a healthy and strong throwing arm. The problem is that injuries and arm pain are far too common which makes you feel defeated. We believe this is just plain wrong. We understand how frustrating it is to leave the game which why we created a medically based pitching program. 


Here is how we do it.

1. Schedule Initial Assessment

2. Sign Up for Online Program

3. Earn Results


And in the meantime, Download 10 Pitching

Drills You can Start Today. So you can stop experiencing are pain and instead throw with great velocity and control. 

Download our Free Guide:
10 Pitching Drills You Can Start Today!

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