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A Unique Drill to Increase Velocity

Pitching is a game of angles. But the one we don't often think about is the angle from the top of the mound to home plate. The pitching mound sits just shy of a foot (10") above the rest of the playing field. Making the throwing motion a downward movement. We've all heard pitching cues from coaches to "throw downhill" but how exactly should we think through that? And how can we do that without having to think about it every pitch? The answer, we believe lies in two places. First, the shin angle of the push off leg must be as low as possible. Many throwers have a push off leg that stays vertical and is angled "up", essentially making the elevated mound a disadvantage. The second place we can drive downhill is through our core. In the above video, you will see us use the core to throw a 4 lb. weighted ball into the wall with a strong follow through. Immediately after, they will make a dynamic throw trying to mimic the exact same motion. At first, most of our pitchers have NO IDEA what it feels like to engage the core. The weighted ball will teach this until eventually it's completely natural. As with all our throwing drills, over time, this motion will be a thoughtless habit. Bringing the trunk (upper body) down will lead to a throwing angle that is downhill. On top of that, the use of the core will lead to a higher velocity and a more durable, sustainable throwing motion.

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