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The Next Generation of Powerful Arms Will Understand These 3 Things

Power Pitching has 15 of the most promising young arms in Mississippi training together multiple times a week for months at a time. It's a process unlike anything that you've seen before and the influence is growing faster than ever. (There's a reason multiple pitchers are driving 2+hrs every night to be here!) Here are three thoughts embraced by the future generation of powerful arms: 1. "I've got to think about the long term" There are too many people experiencing pain to try and play "Tommy John Russian Roulette". The research from the medical community is astounding. If I want to have a chance to fulfill my potential and throw hard enough to stand out, I cannot battle pain/injury through these development years. The time to invest in my future is now. 2. "It's not enough to only do what everybody else is doing" My school doesn't have a pitcher specific training program, yet my needs as a pitcher are completely different than any other position on the field. How can I expect excellence if I don't train based on my unique needs? I need to fulfill my responsibilities as a team member AND make the time/investment to seek extra training for me as a pitcher. 3. "I want to do what the best in the world are doing, not what those around me are doing" The programs that PTS Power Pitching are modeled after are training Cy Young Award Winners, hundreds of MLB pitchers, thousands of NCAA pitchers, and even more aspiring young athletes who have aspirations of various levels. I don't want to do what people have done for 30 years, I want to do what people will be doing in 30 years.

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