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Developing the Young Guns: When to Start Training

When is the best time to send young pitchers to Power Pitching? What age do you start pitcher training? And more... Some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at PTS are from parents of 10-14 year olds asking about getting started with our program. We know many of you have sons in this range and may know of others who would be interested in developing sound mechanics at a young age. So here are a few answers to some of our commonly asked questions that you can pass along to family and friends this holiday season.

Q: How old should my son be before we start a throwing program? A: If he is throwing a baseball consistently, then he is developing habits. Those habits will be repeated over and over again for his entire career. It is never too early to start emphasizing mechanics that can decrease the chance of injury and pain. Q: Which non-throwing drills and strength exercises are important (and safe) for young pitchers? A: Before a pitcher develop a safe, efficient throwing motion, there must be adequate body control and stability in the entire body, especially the arm/shoulder. We encourage banded resistance exercises for the shoulders and arms, as well as proper mechanics in the body weight squat and lunge. We emphasize the importance of stretching and becoming more mobile to all of our pitchers. The younger you can start, the more likely you are to carry that flexibility throughout your career, making injuries less likely and having a greater chance of expanding your peak velocity. Q: How old do you have to be to attend the Power Pitching Training? A: Our class is designed for ages 11+. However, some athletes in the 11-13 year old range might not be able to hold focus during a 90-minute training session and would be better suited for shorter, 1-on-1 training. Q: Should young pitchers get an evaluation before beginning 1-on-1 or class training? A: Every pitcher who trains with us should start with an evaluation. It will help you understand where there may be physical (mobility/flexibility) and mechanical contributors (throwing motion) to arm pain and therefore a loss of velocity. (This is the "Ah-ha!" moment that helps you see exactly why we are so effective at diminishing pain and increasing velocity at the same time!) Q: What time of the year is best for young/new pitchers? A: January/February. The ideal time is 2-3 months before the season. Many of our high school (older) pitchers have finished their pre-season training with us, meaning our classes will be smaller in size and will have more younger athletes who

se season's will not begin for a few months.

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