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How an Early Season Evaluation Could Change (or save) Your Season

Greg Maddux shows incredible hip and shoulder seperation. Look at the belt buckle vs. the buttons on his jersey. By staying "closed" (buttons facing third/buckle facing home) he ensures that his body will be connected to the arm, minimizing stress and optimizing control

Parents, Athletes, and Coaches, The season is here and you are undoubtably excited to be competing again. Lots of off-season work will finally be put to the test and we wish you the very best. I wanted to briefly explain how the team at Power Pitching can help you during the season. For most of you, this is not the time of you to prioritize training and your schedule is surely packed with games and practice. But with a season that spans 3-4 months, we obviously don't want to miss an opportunity to help you improve throughout. And it goes without saying but just as a reminder...any pain at all, especially early in the season, needs to be addressed quickly! This is the perfect platform for that! So we are going to open an opportunity for you to do 2 things: 1) For those of you who have trained here before, you can bring in a video of your latest pitching performance, ideally when things weren't going as planned and/or when you begin to fatigue. Being in-person, we will be able to check range of motion from head-to-toe and check for any contributing factors to performance loss and/or pain. (The way to view this type of investment is like going to the doctor before you are sick in order to possible catch something that may later cause a greater illness.) These appointments are 20-30 minutes and cost $50 2) If you have never trained here, you can call and schedule or full evaluation that will take you through a 30-point physical evaluation as well as an in-depth review of your pitching video, and if necessary an in-house throwing session with 2-way video analysis. (read about Our Process in full here) The full evaluation is 75-90 minutes and cost $100 **Important Note: Videos ideally will have some pitches from the angle in the picture at the top of this page (open side either 3rd base right hander or 1st base left hander) and then some pitches from behind the batter. If you can only get one angle we prefer the side and not behind homeplate In order to schedule an appointment, call us at 601-898-1828

Good luck this season!! Bill Thomas

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