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Knowledge Bomb: The Future of Pitching Mechanics

"It's not just one thing"

I will explain. Most athletes come to us with the idea that there are a few, simple steps to reducing risk of injury or improving performance (velocity/control/etc.). "What do we need to do?" is the question of every single athlete and parent. I have been there! Whether its not throwing curveballs until a certain age, resting a certain number of months a year, keeping a strict pitch count, giving a verbal cue to a pitcher during a bullpen to fix, or any number of things that some say are THE issue. We want short, quick, easy-bake answers. Unfortunately it is never just one thing (and its probably not 2, 3, or 4 things!) In fact, performance is much more like a puzzle than an on/off switch. Hundreds of factors play into success, not just one thing.

When it comes to pitching there are many categories of contributors to lost velocity and arm pain or injury. Within each of these categories there are 20+ possible contributors. Here are 4 of the most common: (from our website)

Think about the "physical" category. Each pitcher has 30+ things that we look for which could cause him to stress the elbow or shoulder and lose velo. Tight ankes, poor hamstring mobility, joint instability, etc. Within areas of "weakness" there are dozens of body parts which, if too weak to support the violence of a pitch, could be contributing to pain. Poor glute strength, core strength deficit, shoulder weakness, etc. Now from a "mechanical" standpoint the list expands drastically. We've all heard coaches tell players to do things like "finish" or "stride longer", "separate sooner" or any number of other verbal cues. But do they know why the pitcher's body isn't doing those things? Do they know that stride length isn't important except for how it relates to glute strength development? Do they have a daily program to address those issues? Do they know that there are at least 15 MAJOR contributors to arm injury or lost velocity and that those contributors are directly tied to the athletes physical make-up? So with the list of possible contributors to pain and lost velocity at 30-50 possibilities, not to mention stress, diet, energy levels, etc. which can DRASTICALLY effect healthy pitching motion you can see how we have a nation-wide problem with injuries in all levels! Our goal simple. We want every single person who walks through our door to be given the tools to become the best pitcher that they CHOOSE to become.

Reaching potential is a choice. With so many potential factors to injury or lost velocity...every single day must be spent intentionally working to diminish those factors. How do you know which of those factors YOU INDIVIDUALLY need to focus on? THE PTS POWER PITCHING PROGRAM WAS CREATED FOR THIS PURPOSE EXACTLY. If you CHOOSE to work, we can help you become great.

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