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Pitching Instruction Available at PTS

NEW! We are now offering pitching instruction as a part of our regular programming available to you at any time this season. This will serve as a maintenance plan for you to increase performance and maintain health through the entire season (read more at the bottom of this page) ---------------

Parents, coaches, and pitchers, We are seeing MORE PITCHING INJURIES THAN EVER at this point in the season. As always, pain and injury is a result of multiple contributing factors, not just one thing. Literally DOZENS of players from around the region are coming to see us in a panic because a little arm pain turned into a complete inability to throw without pain. In almost every case, there was slight pain and some soreness that was left unchecked for a few games and it grew into a major issue. Scholarships are on the line for some. For others, it's trying to keep your spot in the varsity rotation. For most, it's simply the love of this sport and all the great memories that come with a spring and summer with friends. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT"S TOO LATE. We have made it easier than ever to stop in for routine check-ups throughout the season with out "FOUR FOR FORTY" package. 4 Sessions for $40 each to be used over the course of the ENTIRE SEASON (March - May). Unfortunately, the body tells us that the longer you wait, the longer your treatment and the tougher the journey back to health. Don't miss another season with the constant stress of pain. PTS PITCHING INSTRUCTION We want to help prevent pain, increase your performance, and keep you in the game for the long haul. By focusing on how the body moves, we can guarantee performance increase. It's as simple as that. Finding where your body is weak, immobile, and unstable is the foundation of building velocity and increasing control. Don't waste your time with generalized pitching instruction that is not improving your movement. Call us today to schedule your pitching lesson with Bill Thomas. (601) 898-1828

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