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Why did you start the power pitching program?


“I wanted to get more training for baseball. I didn’t know how to increase my velocity and strength on my own. This program without a doubt has improved my playing. I noticed more strength in my core and arm because of the specific exercises our class was being taught”.

- Brooks rice, LSu commit

“I started the power pitching program to increase my velocity. I started the program when I was 15 years old and my velocity was around 79mph. During the program, I was able to get stronger and play and injury free game. I knew PTS had the knowledge to help me perform better”.

- Nikko Mazza,
      Southern miss commit

“I started the program for arm care and it has taught me how to take care of my arm and also taught me how my arm works. I would recommend this program to everyone because I know I can trust Bill with anything”.

- Brayden jones,
                ole miss commit

“I felt like I was getting the pitching mechanics but wasn’t getting the arm care I needed to stay healthy through high school. I started this program to increase my arm strength and help me become a better player. I still use the exercises Bill taught me on a daily basis and I think this program has changed the way I play."

- CJ Carron,
                 Rhodes College

“Before I came to Bill, I had bad shoulder problems along with some pain. I started this program because I needed an outlet to strengthen my shoulder and I also wanted to know what I could do to play with no pain. This program has helped with my personal improvements and allowed me to get the results I wanted.”

- mason nichols,
                ole miss commit
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